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A Musical About Finding Romance in the Digital Age

Book and Lyrics by John Aaron

In the age of internet dating, can a couple who meet the "old fashioned way" live happily ever after?


Doug and Becky are single - and not loving it. Or the prospects of finding love online. They first meet when fate throws them together as architect and designer to pitch an engaged couple to hire them as a team to build their dream home. There's an immediate conflict between them: who's in charge of this team? The have to figure that out now or risk losing the client. As they work together, they discover their deeply shared interests, hopes, and dreams. Their new teamwork promises a fantastic new home for the couple... and their emerging personal relationship opens the possibility of building something enduring for themselves.


Strongly Agree is smart and snappy, like a Tracy and Hepburn movie. The cast of six is diverse and inclusive.


Here's more about Strongly Agree

from writer and lyricist

John Aaron

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